What is the Central Coast Pruning Competition?

The Central Coast Pruning Competition is an opportunity for some of the hardest working people in the wine industry to show off their talent; and showcase the hard work that gets our region’s grapes out to the world. Our area is known for winery, harvest and winemaker events and competitions, but Fronty Vineyards thought it is time we also honor the hardest working people of our wine industry- the men and women who work the land. Pre-dawn starts, midnight pickings, summer heat and winter chills the hardworking people out in the vineyard rows deserve recognition. Our wine growing neighbors to the north (Napa, Mendocino, Sonoma) have been putting on their own pruning competitions for 14+ years, and we think it’s time the Central Coast did too!


The competition is open to anyone who works for a Labor Contractor, Vineyard Manager or Winery/Vineyard on the Central Coast. And these companies can send up to 3 contestants to represent them in the contest. The competition is being held on Sunday morning February 28th. Starting at 8:00am with 5-6 person heats, each person will be competing for time and skill. The judges will evaluate their cuts, choices and overall vine management against their time. After everyone has pruned, the top 8 scores will go into a final round- the “Prune Off” where they will prune 8 more vines again for time and skill. After the “Prune Off” round we will have a BBQ and award ceremony to announce the Grand Prize winner and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th place pruners. Depending on the number of entrants we might have separate Men and Women divisions.  The whole event will be a great time to socialize and meet the fellow vineyard workers and associates. The entire event will be put on by volunteers and is possible through sponsors. We hope to make it a great inaugural event for 2016 and even better in the coming years.


We look forward to a great day of friendly competition, BBQ lunch and 4 people going home with great bragging rights. Entry Forms can be found on our Events Page