Winners of the 1st Annual Central Coast Pruning Competition

The Central Coast Pruning Competition is proud to announce Felix Diaz (of Martinez Farming) as the winner of the 2016 competition. Competitors came out to Fronty Vineyards in San Miguel yesterday to use their talent, skill and speed to win not only prizes but the title of ‘Best Pruner’. Severiano Guerrero won 2nd place, Paulino Guerrero 3rd, and Eloy Nava 4th. Winners received cash prizes, event vests and a bucket of

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CCPC- Rules & Scoring Procedure

Rules for the Central Coast Pruning Competition competitors:

  1. All competitors need to sign in and be ready to compete by 8:30 am on February 28th
  2. Gloves, eye protection and boots must be worn by all competitors while pruning
  3. Winners must be present at awards ceremony. If a winner is not present; the place and prize will go to the person with next best score


Scoring Process:

  1. Each contestant will be assigned a judge and 6 cordon trained vines to spur prune to 2 buds
  2. The judge will time the contestant as they prune their assigned vines, contestant should announce when they are done and step back from the row. The Judge will then stop the timer
  3. The Judge will then go through and score each vine
      • Debris: any debris (canes, mummies, suckers) left on or around vine. All debris should be left in the center of the row
      •  Incorrect cut angle, location or proximity to bud
      • Grape Pruning Diagram
      • Double Spurs
      • Suckers left on the vine
      • Missed canes
      • Pruner damaged spur
      • Replacement cane
      • Replacement spur
  4. Time and score cards will be turned in and calculated
  5. Top 8 scorers will go into the “Prune Off” round: these contestants will prune 6 more vines